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Can't get BE_FTP_Delete to work

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Hello! Having problems getting BE_FTP_Delete to work.
  • BE_GetLastError reports error 21
  • SFTP server used is a Mac with macOS Mojave; doesn't work with a different SFTP Server (Another Mac with Big Sur)
  • BE_FTP_Upload and BE_HTTP_GET are working fine when connecting to the same server; I can create folders and upload files
  • I'm able to connect to the SFTP server through Terminal and delete files using the rm command
  • The plugin version is 4.1.4, and is installed in FileMaker Server 19.0.1
  • The command is running through a PSOS script, and I've tried using a local script using FileMaker 19.1.3 as well and still doesn't work
  • Using the debug info, i see the message: "rm command failed: No such file or directory"
Here's a sample of the URL i'm calling: sftp://
Doesn't work also when using sftp://
Any ideas on what to do? Thanks in advance!
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