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Open Mac folder, using a folder with two variables.

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Hi, I'm new to FM, but I've already created a database on FM, where I register my projects.

Each project has a number (001, 002, etc.) and a name (market, hospital, housing, etc.) and I intend to create a button on the layout corresponding to each project.

What I want is: In the 001-Hospital project, the button opens the respective folder on my external disk (example) // Volumes / Elements / Projects / Projects / 001-Hospital.

The variables are: <<NumProj>> (corresponding to 001, 002, ...) <<Name>> (corresponding to Hospital, market, ...)

I tried to create an "open URL" in the button with this expression: "file: /// Volumes / Elements / Projects / Projects / <<NumProj>> - <<Name>>"

Attention, all my folders on the external disk are with the correct names.


I really appreciate your help.

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The syntax <<FieldName>> works only for placing merge fields on a layout, not in calculations.

To calculate the path you show using values from fields, you need to use:

"file:///Volumes/Elements/Projects/Projects/" & YourTable::NumProj & "-" & YourTable::Name




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