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script duplicating everything apart from one portal

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I have a script that duplicates everything in a record into a new one. It copies everything over, including three of the portals (character, featured and SPACT), but will not copy over the specialist portal. It copies it and sticks it listed in the character portal field but also gives it a 0.


the specialist portal is one I have added on and I thought I had added all the correct info into the script.


The script is called duplicate scene.

and the info I added in was:

line 8 in the specified export order so all the same field options for specialists were the same as featured and military (which is the PSACT portal)

then line 31 was also added to match the other portals

and then also line 39 for the import records. I made sure that that in specify import order that specialist is tagged to import and green.

I cannot see anything else I need to add to make sure it goes into the same portal it is copying from. 

Can anyone help please me see and learn what I am missing? cos it also will not when you click on the report and do one liner report so the unit total for specialist. it seems to miss it out but will show it on the grand total which can also show all units grand total, but refuses to display when it is just for the one unit on its own. 

username is admin password is pirate and the duplicate button is at the top. 



Teresa Crowd Breakdown Database.fmp12

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