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Maximum allowed dimensions of a layout?

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I have encountered an error message I have never seen before. When trying to copy anything at all (fields, text, etc) in Layout mode and paste it on to the layout, I get the message:

"This operation cannot be completed because it would exceed the maximum allowed dimensions of a layout."

Can anyone explain this to me? 

With kind regards,
 - Johan.

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If I am following you correctly, I think simply the layout you copied from is bigger than the layout you are copying to, or you are pasting lower on the layout and the block of items you are pasting will extend past the bottom of your layout.

Sometimes instead of using your keyboard to paste, point you mouse at the upper left corner of the layout, then paste.   Everything you pasted remains selected so you can drag or use keyboard arrows to position.  But once again when you get to the bottom of your existing layout and try to go farther you will get the same message.

It's the same when you just highlight one field, and try to bottom arrow your way off the layout.

If I'm wrong, show me a picture/screenshot.

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