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I am looking for your opinion on a 2D scanner sled for the iPhone/iPad series of devices - so that the unit is self-contained. I have played with a few devices over the last couple of years, but found some are clunky (and sometimes unreliable) in terms off have to load Bluetooth drivers or their own SDK.   Whilst I realise that this may be the only way to go, the fact that sometimes it worked and sometimes it did not is not a good solution when you have need to deliver a product to the client. Sometimes it would constantly bring up the on-screen keyboard when on a field  even if the OSK was disabled in the solution - the SDK would override it.
I have just come across the Honeywell Captuvo SL42. Anybody familiar with this unit and its integration with FmGo?

What experience have you had and what are your thoughts please?

Thanks in advance.

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