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Is it possible to create a revenue generating iOS app from a FileMaker solution?

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I have a strong idea for a FileMaker solution that could be deployed the iPhone or iPad platform. Also, one I am confident sufficient numbers of users would be willing to pay. It requires no server, as all data would be created and maintained by the end user and need only be accessed by them. My question, then is two-fold:

1. Is this technically possible? If so, how would the solution interface with the Apple Store in order for users to complete a purchase, whether a recurring subscription or one time payment? I do not believe the FM Apple API is designed for this and am not sure what other would be. Other issues, no doubt, are many though I am not sure what they may be.

2. Will Apple allow it? They have allowed others developed in FM that are free, but none I know of capable of generating a revenue stream.  

Thank you to anyone able to answer.

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Thank you for your answer. Yes, I'm familiar with Xgode, and plan to use it when the time comes. However, when adding a revenue stream via Apple Store the calculus changes, considerably so. Connectivity that allows for trials, purchases and subscriptions means controlling access to the app, which means an API that can interface between their store and my solution. Can the FM Apple API do that? If so, isn't that a server only solution?  

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