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FMS 19.2.1 in Windows Server 2019 ... A World Of Problems

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Hello All,

I'm looking for some kind of document; "Best Practices/Setup for Running FileMaker Server on Windows Server 2019". Can anyone point me to a good resource?

Here's background and what's happening.
We design and distribute the "SuiteFlow Total Office" system (all clients using the same system). We have many clients running their own FM servers; about half Mac and half Win. All of our Win installations are serving with WS 2016 (until now). Several of these servers having been running for years without a single problem! All Windows are running FileMaker Server 18 (newest version). Our Mac servers are running both FMS 18 and 19 with no major issues.

3 weeks ago I installed FMS 19.2.1 on a new Windows Server 2019; it's been a nightmare. The machine is super fast, state-of-the-art with no bells and whistles. Users are routinely crashing (both Go and Pro). The machine has to be restarted daily to resolve issues. Awful. I've done all the things I know to do; indexing is turned off for the whole machine, anti-virus software is not running, auto-updates are turned off. I'm nowhere near as familiar with WS 2019 as with 2016. I see a lot of services running which I'm not familiar with.

So, does anyone have documentation about what is the minimum configuration for Windows Server 2019 for a smooth FMS experience. 

Note: I have not tried FMS 18 on this machine.
Note: WebDirect also will not run without "communication errors"

Any help?

Steve Shiver
SuiteFlow Services

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