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Using a selection of records as a template for new records, what is your go to option for this?

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I'm revising a solution that has been with me since FileMaker 5 Pro, imaginary tables below( the real one is about refining lumber ) however I expect more people to have relations with doctors and taking blood samples from a patient perspective. Let's say we have a table with all the options for testing blood. Selections from these are ordered by groups in 2 separate tables, one for groups and one for the members of those groups. Now when ordering a blood sample, let's say that doctor expects the patient to have a given type of cancer( or the architect to pick lumber for an arch, ) this will trigger an export as FMPXMLRESULT of the group member primary keys to Get( TemporaryPath ) + timestamp, and an import to the order list of this temp file. Is this best practice? This works well PSOS and on the client. Is there an approach to this that is more FileMaker?

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