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A Relationship Problem

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I have a Contacts DataBase and a Scheduling DataBase. While in the Contacts DB, the user selects a date to work with, which I then store in a global date field (called Global Date). I created a relationship to one of the fields in the Scheduling DB called 'Schedule Date'. This works fine...all appointments for the Global Date are displayed in the portal.

What complicates and raises the problem is the following: I have other activities, such as making a phone call, a task, a deadline, etc. that have no dates and should appear on the schedule until the user has marked them as being completed (in Completed field). I tried to change the relationship, but nothing works because I needed ( I think)to put 'Global Date' on the right side of the relationship which FM barffs at (can't index a global). I tried changing from a date to a number field (1 or 0) on both sides, but no good...same problem - can't index.

The only other way I can think of to fix the problem is with a script to insert Global Date into all activity records that aren't appointments...kind of kludgy?

Anybody have any ideas?

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This topic is 6574 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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