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Smart Ranges (NO! Plug-Ins/Text Limits/Loop)

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In one session Darren Terry demonstrated a solution for you to

develop a date range system that doesn't require a plugin.

Nor does it require a loop in a script actually it doesn't require

any scripts at all. The beauty is also that it dosen't bust with the

64k text limit of FMP... In fact you can get a range from 01/01/0001 to 12/31/3000

Check it out for yourself

Special recognition goes to: Mikhail Edoshin at Onega Software, who developed this technique.

Mikhail credits Geoffrey Gerhard and Jason L. DeLooze on his website.

Here is the instructions and file samples.

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Stephen ...

Thanks a million for the pointer to Mikhail Edoshin's technique. It's exactly what I was looking for as I was working on a scheduling solution to prohibit overlaps, and I hit the 64KB limit.

Edoshin's article is dense -- it took me about 10 reads and actually building my own sample system to grasp the concepts. It's an extraordinarily creative approach to the problem, and functionally it's ******* fast! smile.gif Bonus!

Thanks again.

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