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conditional values between 2 Db's W/ Relationship

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i have 2 db's ,the main one has all my data in it and the second one stores my found sets.

What i am now trying to achieve is a way of making my (sound FX database) "project" based .ie the user enters a new or existing project at the beginning of the session and using a conditional value list only shows the saved found sets of that project.

i have sorted out the conditonal value list but what i can't figure out is how to link the "project" fields between the 2 databases .

in an ideal world i would like to have the current project in a field in the HEADER of the main database so the user knows what "project" they are currently working on ,when the user wishes to save or open a found set (in the 2nd Database) he or she will see only there values in the "found set" value list

i have fiddled around with the relationships but can't crack this ,i am sure this is dead easy but can't figure it out

Any ideas

Paul Apted

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Hello Paul,

You have established a relationship which you are using to drive the conditional value list functionality. So far so good!

Now you need to place a portal on the layout in your main file, and link it to the relationship to the saved sets. Then once you place some fields from the saved sets database in the portal, the portal will display a list of all the saved sets that relate to the current project.

If you also place a button (linked to an appropriate script) within the portal, it should be possible for users to perform automated actions by clicking on a button within a particular saved set portal row (which will then source the required data for the action from that record in the found sets file).



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This topic is 6684 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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