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daily auto number

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Who can help me with this: I want to create a field that will auto enter the current date and a two digit serial number;

like this: 200802-01, next record 200802-02, etc

but every day the serialnumber must begin with 01 again;

like this: 210802-01, next record 210802-02, etc

I hope I'm clear enough with my question!

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I am relatively new to Filemaker but I think I can help you. But there are probably better (read faster ways to implement this)

I would say you make a field

- current date

- teller

- calculation field : current date & "-" & teller

Everytime you create a new record , just make a script that checks the the date of the last record. If it is the same then today add teller with one of not set teller to 01

Hope this works,


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Hello freecolours,

Your request is a little tricky, so there will be a number of steps required to get you to where you want. What you are wanting to do can be achieved if you:

1. Create a calculating field called "DayID" (result type Text), with the formula:

Left("00", 2 - Length(Day(Status(CurrentDate)))) & Day(Status(CurrentDate)) 

& Left("00", 2 - Length(Month(Status(CurrentDate)))) & Month(Status(CurrentDate))

& Right(Year(Status(CurrentDate)), 2)

2. Create a number field called "Serial".

3. Create a self-join relationship called 'DaySerial' based on DayID (ie a relationship that links the file to itself, using the DayID field on both sides of the relationship definition).

4. Create a calculating field called 'NextDaySerial' (result type Number) with the formula:

Max(DaySerial::Serial) + 1

5. Enter "Options..." (within 'Define Fields') for the 'Serial' field, go to the 'auto-enter' tab and select 'looked up value', then define the look-up to copy a new value in 'NextDaySerial' based on the 'DaySerial' relationship. Select the option for "If no exact match use:" and enter 1 into the text box.

6. Create a calculating field called 'SerialID" (result type Text) with the formula:

DayID & "-" & Left("00", 2 - Length(Serial)) & Serial

That should do it. Now you can place the SerialID field on your layouts and it will automatically generate numbers in the format 200802-01, 200802-02, 210802-01, 210802-02 with the serial number at the end beginning with 01 again each day. None of the other fields mentioned above need be displayed on any layouts - they will operate 'behind the scenes'.

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