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Maintenance for MirrorSync


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I am wondering what kind of maintenance you recommend to keep MirrorSync running smoothly. I have a very large sync configuration (syncing about ~80 tables) and, despite the size, at first syncs run fairly fast at first and slowly begin to take longer and longer over time. It seems like changing the file or sync configuration "resets" the sync speed and things are faster for a while, but then eventually slow down again. Are there maintenance things I should be doing to keep the syncs as fast as possible? How often would you recommend running these things?  


Thank you!

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We have very detailed logging in the MirrorSync log that can help determine why a sync is taking a long time. The next time a sync runs a long time, make a note of the exact time it finishes, then file a problem report ( http://yourserver/MirrorSync -> Send problem report ). Be sure to note the time the sync finished. This will send us the MirrorSync logs so that we can see where the delay is happening.

--Jesse Barnum

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