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FMS24 not starting on boot

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Wow, no posts in this category yet.  Surprising.

I've been playing with installing FMS24 on Ubuntu 22.04.3.  I first tried an upgrade on top of the existing FMS23 install, because our IT guy said we should learn if we could.  The install seemed to go fine.  The admin console launched and things seemed fine.  I saw something about rebooting to make the settings persist, so I did that, but FMS did not come back up with the system.

I then tried doing a `sudo apt remove filemaker-server` and a fresh install, but experience the same behavior after reboot.  I don't see any instructions about making FMS start on boot, so I thought the installer was taking care of all that.  Am I missing something?

I should mention that the server is on an internal network with no access to the Internet.

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I downloaded the most recent installer package ( and ran the installer.  Everything worked nicely.  Running `ps -A | grep fm` showed lines for "fmshelper", "fmsib", "fmserverd", and "fmsased".  Apache was also running.

To see if it would come back up after a power glitch, I did a `sudo reboot now`.  The FM server did not come back up.  I thought I must need to manually set them up using `systemctl enable`, but the system seems unable to find the services.  If I try `fmsadmin start server`, the command returns `Error:  10007 (Requested object does not exist)`.

Any ideas?  The FileMaker installation documentation simply ends after telling you to run `ps -A` to verify that the installer worked.

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