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Importing Calculation Fields


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Nonsense! If you import into a field then switch it to a calculating field, you will lose the data you imported, as the field will re-calculate. A calculating field is just that – a calculation, based on logical events or values. And no, you cannot change the style of field from say text to calculation using a script. If you truly need to override a calculation then you need to take a different approach using 2 fields, here is an example that sets a calculating field to a standard name, unless the user overrides it:

The standard calculation (in its basic form) would be:

<First_Name> = Mike

<Last_Name> = Smith

<Full_Name> = <First_Name> & “ ” & <Second_Name>

The result in <Full_Name> is then: Mike Smith

Ok! Now for the override:

<First_Name> = Mike

<Last_Name> = Smith


<Full_Name> = Case ( User_Defined_Name = ""; First Name & " " & Last_Name; User_Defined_Name)

Now, if <User_Defined_Name> is empty, you still get Mike Smith, but if you enter another name, Bobby, for example in <User_Defined_Name> the calculation will return that result.

REMEMBER! You separators in the calculation may be different to mine. In Europe we use a ; not a ,

I don’t know if this is going to point you in the right direction, or help at all. But what you seem to want to do is not possible in any other way!


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This topic is 7535 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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