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Scrolling Import Data


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I receive tab delimited files from photographers that list name, folder, image number,... The fields are to be set up in a consistant order and have no field labels or blank records at the top. Every once in a while we will get files that have headers and blank records. So we need to scroll down a couple of records in the import window to make sure every thing is going to go in the correct FileMaker fields. The problem is we cannot scroll through the records in the import window. We are using FileMaker 5.5 on a Mac. We did not have this problem when using FM 4. Just wanting to know if anyone is having similar problems and/or if you have a solution for me.

I did some more checking and found that if the information I am importing is between 500 and 525 records long or abouve 28k in size the import dialog will not give me a total count of records being imported and I then cannot navigate between the records. I increased the memory settings, and this did not change anything. Thanks for any help!!


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This topic is 7534 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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