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Have a customer that is currently running File Maker 3.03 and has run out of record space, is unable to add more records to his database. He also would like to give people the ability to call his pc and view from remote locations. Need to know what would be the best plan for this situation?? Need to leave room for grow.


Ron Tuell

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Has he run out of money too? wink.gif" border="0 .

"Record Space" is just a disk space issue, unless your client has exceeded 2GB per file. If he is running 3.0v3, I'm guessing that the machine is not a vundercomputer either.

Might be time to buy a new machine with a larger drive and upgrade to FM 5.5.

Remote access is best accomplished via a high speed internet connection with a static IP address. Performance can be a big issue. Remember, a T1 connection for $1000.00 per month is only 1/100th as fast as a 100basedT LAN connection. There are a lot of ways to improve this speed, but the best way (Citrix Server) can run $ 15,000 to set up.

FM to FM access over the internet only requires a static IP for the server machine, but can be quite slow. Remember, whatever means you are using, the speed will be determined by the slowest internet connection. If all the users are on dial-up 28.8 connections, it doesn't make much sense to buy a T3 line for the server.


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This topic is 7492 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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