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Importing Keeps Adding Old Data


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I know I'm new to this filemaker/database thing, but scripting imports and exports seems to me to be uneccessarily difficult. I am trying to import data from a teacher's report to a school administrator's database. The Teacher data will be added to each term, and then exported to the school administrator.

I tried to import the data by matching up the appropriate fields and info. (I did it as a tab separated text file). I checked off the option of updating data and then the sub-option of add remaining records.

Then I created a script to restore the import order, and perform without dialogue.

When I import using that script, If I import the same file, it just keeps adding data as though it was new.

How can I solve this?


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By not doing something wrong.

Importing is really pretty simple. Your questions indicate that "something you know ain't so".

I would start by NOT scripting anything. Do the imports manually and make sure that they are working as you expect. Then setup your scripts and restore the import formats.

You could also try simply exporting the data and them just import the exported data rather than trying to update and add new records.

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This topic is 7486 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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