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hi there, i'm really new to filemaker so please be kind! i need to be able to have an html document on the web that accesses certain parts of a FM database.

For example if I have a web page that has a "company" field and I have a database that also has a "company" field and I then change the name of a company in the FM document I would like it to also update the html document.

Is this possible and if so could anybody give me any tutorials etc to help me through my hour of need!

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It sounds like you're wanting to update a static web page (as opposed to hosting a FileMaker database on the web). To do this, you can either:

generate the entire page from FileMaker by using scripts and fields that add the appropriate HTML tags -- a good article on this is here ; or

make your page with SSI (server side includes, yourpage.shtml) or my preference, PHP. Most hosts support PHP and the performance tends to be better than SSI.

You make your page, and where you want the company info to go, you put this...


<? include "company.txt" ?>

...where company.txt is a file you've exported from FileMaker.

It looks like you're on a Mac, so you could also make an AppleScript that launches Fetch (or other FTP app) and uploads your file. So the whole thing can be done with one click. Sample AppleScript...


with timeout of 60000 seconds


tell application "Fetch 3.0.3"


open remote item "ftp://user:[email protected]/yourdirectory"

put into transfer window "www.yoursite.com" item
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This topic is 7699 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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