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I have discovered very useful Extended Script for Adobe GoLive – my favorite HTML authoring program.

It is the “Form Element Extractor 1.01” by Ken Martin.

It extracts form and displays parameters of the form in very clean way. It makes debugging of FM forms much easier.

Who should download it: All people with GoLive working in FileMaker Custom publishing.

If you don’t have GoLive, download free demo from www.adobe.com site.

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Something else abut GoLive that users in the West will not yet know about...

I guess that most people must be aware of imode by now. If not, here is a basic explanation for you.

imode is the standard & name that NTT (Japanese Telecom) came up with for displaying website on mobile phones. No, not WAP but something most of us can put together. It uses a subset of HTML called cHTML (c=compact). Basically, mini sized web pages/sites are displays by the phone screen in 32k colours.

- The user base in Japan is around 30 million.

- Last year NTT invested about 16 million USD into the US market to make this a part of an AT&T system from around spring 2000 in the Seattle area.

- German Telecom along with two European partners have already started this service and the imode conference there in late summer 2001 was a huge success.

So, why am I mentioning this here?

Well, GoLive 5 Japanese contains the plug-ins for developing cHTML or imode web pages/site. The English version does not (yet) but you can drop the imode plug-ins from the Japanese version into the plug-in folder in the English version, and then this will be able to use the imode dev functions too.

How does this related to FMP?

Make a password protected imode site with GoLive, then add your client contact database in FMP or scheduling db etc., then using the imode phone you can access this from anywhere that your phone works. Leave the Palm device at home and just use your telephone. You are charged by packet not connection time with imode phones, so the charge are quite low.

You do not need to use GoLive, to make the pages but it will speed things up a little.

Anyway, I could go on, but I am sure you can see that the possibilities are very large indeed. So, start learning how to build imode sites and linking up to FMP BEFORE the rest of the world does.

Just remember that you heard about it from me first..!!!laugh.gif" border="0

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imode Extensions in English

NTT DoCoMo i-mode Extension - by Adobe Systems Inc.

Download: i-mode.hqx Total Downloads: 1042

Description: The i-mode module gives GoLive 5.0 the ability to visually create NTT DoCoMo i-mode pages using cHTML. These pages are intended for 501i/502i wireless handsets using the "Emoji" and "i.Form" elements.

Using the i-mode module within Golive 5.0 allows the emoji object within GoLive to present real-time renderings of emoji icons which are only viewable via the 501i and 502i NTT DoCoMo i-mode wireless handsets.

Issues: Pages can be viewed via regular Web browsers, but the emoji entities work only on NTT DoCoMo i-mode 501i and 502i wireless handsets

Instructions: Both Mac and Windows modules included in download.

Last Uploaded: December 3, 2001 Version: GoLive 5.0

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