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I want to attribute a Price Group to each of my Products in a 50,000 Product.fp5 records list.

The Range of each Group is already established in a PriceGroup.fp5 file.

Each products price is already rounded at the nearest quarter, but the PriceGroup isn't.

I want 12,50$ to match Group 5 with Multikey values of 10,11,12,13,14,15.


OK....I keep the post here... blush.gif

I can't believe it happened again, as was noticed by another fellow here. Found the answer while posting it, after a 2 hours struggle.


Round the calc with Round(Price,0) and makes it relate to the Multikey in the PriceGroup.

Now, I'm still open for better solutions...except calculations (that was used at first place - Case statement that needed to be changed anytime a Group was changing).

Thanks, and good w.e.

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