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FMS 5.5 newbie

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I'm totally new with FM. I have a database (with whole bunch of .fp5 files) and it needs to be "loaded" to a dedicated server running FMS 5.5. I would like to know how to put the database files to the server so that the clients, which are running FM Pro 6, can open and share the database. Orginally I created a new folder in W2K server, shared the folder, and just opens the .fp5 file from the share. After reading some comments and document, I don't think using windows share is a good idea. Now, I need to know a proper way to load and share the database from FMS. Can some one give me a hand?


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Install FM server on W2000 client. It will function well as dedicated FM server. Do NOT run something else on that FM server. Increase background tasks priority to max.

FM server will run as service.

Place FM databases inside FM server directory/folder. You can also place the FM files one level down into subdirectory/subfolder.

Restart that machine. FM server will automatically open all FM files.

NEVER share that FM folder.

Networked users with FM clients will open all databases by pressing the HOST button and selecting name of the server or alternatively the IP of FM server.

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