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Use Calcu fld to insert spaces into a number?

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I've tried this for about 3 hours and gave up in frustation-I have a 12 figure number (example is 112233445566)-I want to use FP to insert a space after every second number so I end up with 11 22 33 44 55 66.

This has to be done in the field so when I import the text file with the original info, the conversion is done automatically-other wise I have to do it in Excel-anybody got any ideas?


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The calculation field has to be text output:

Left(myfield,2) & " " & Middle(myfield,3,2) & " " & Middle(myfield,5,2) & Middle(myfield,7,2) & " " & Middle(myfield,9,2) & " " Right(myfield,2)


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Try this calc.

Left(Number,2) & " " &

Middle(Number,3,2) & " " &

Middle(Number,5,2) & " " &

Middle(Number,7,2) & " " &

Middle(Number,9,2) & " " &


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