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I have 3 files mainly involved with what I want to do.

First, I have a database that does nothing more than parse an entire webpage into the fields I want the info in, and then exports, and reimports it into my "OIL" database. The "MAIN" database then has a portal that looks at the data in the Oil database.

The Oil database has 2 different kinds of data. Personal information, and account information. Here is what I would like to do from here:

1, have a radio button above the Portal, that switches between the Personal data, and the Account data for each client.

2, I need to filter out records that match various "Oil Status" entries.

3, each record in the Oil DB has a "Choice" field, which shows up as a single check box in the filter. I would like to select various portal records, and use them in a layout that would only show up when printed if the check box is selected. EX: the letter I mail out would have merge fields that are based on data that has "Choice" selected to Yes.

Thanks for any help you can offer. smile.gif

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1. Rather than a radio button just use a regular button that runs a script that toggles between two layouts, one with the personal data and the other with the account data.

2. The records which are checked in a portal could then be viewed exclusively by writing a script to go to the related records in the portal and then execute a remote script in the related database which performs a find restricting the currently found set to those with check marks.

3. Sorry, I'm not sure what this last one is all about.

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