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Printing Portals


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I have 2 files, the main file with a portal to the data file....from the main file i only want to print the data specific to the record im currently in....so lets say Record 1 has 5 lines and if im in record one, i want to print that 5 lines of data, but when i look at the data file more data is there since i have more than 1 record on my main file...any help would be greatly appreciated

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What kind of stuff do you smoke there... laugh.gif

marcc01 said:

When printing a portal how do i set up a script from my main file, not the file from which the portal data is, to print the data that is in the record in currently in....

Here's a script called "PrintPortal"

GoToLayout (where the Portal is)

Show All Records


Show Omitted

Show Message "DO NOT PRINT PORTAL YOU FOOL" grin.gif

(That was some time I was looking for this querry, guys....)

does that make any sense....

It make sense you want to print related records from the data you're currently browsing, but you should (*must*) print the records in the related file, using a List Layout for example.

You'd be using your relationship to the related file with a script along the lines of

GoToRelatedRecord [YourRelationship-show only-]

PerformExternalScript [GoToListLayout]

Where the External script would just be

GoToLayout ["ListToPrint"]

Refresh Window.

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This topic is 7581 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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