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Portal Error


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I finally set-up my portal properly. The way that it was explained to me. I went to select data in the field (pop up list of data) and then this error message popped up - "This field cannot be modified until "studentID" is given a valid value."

I am an extreme beginner in FMP. If anyone can please help, I would really appreciate it.



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Does StudentID have a value? Is there a StudentID text field in the related file (not a calculation field)?

Is the relationship correct, StudentID=::StudentID, from main file to related file?

Is the field you're selecting defined correctly? This is, is it defined as a related field using the same relationship as the portal? It would then look like:

relationship name::field name

If all else fails, why don't you save your 2 files as "clones" (one of the drop-down options in the Save As dialog), put 'em into a folder, compress (.zip) and attach them to a new post to this thread.

You can send the files as is if they are still small.

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Hi, I don't know if your problem is still unsolved, but I thought I would give you a little idea of how portals work, assuming you don't know. Imagine a portal being like a secretary. When you are viewing student john doe with student id 12345, any portal you set up based upon the id will show any record in another file that has the id. Back to the secretary thing, it would be like having a student come to your office( ie you viewing the students record) and the secretary gets all of the students other information out of the file cabinet for you.

If you secretary is a good one, they will also make sure that every thing is in order and correct. So if you were to ask the secretary for student 1234 's record, when student id's must be 5 numbers, she would tell you, sorry, that's a bad number, give me a correct number.

This is what filemaker is doing for you. Somewhere you have set up the students id to follow a certain criteria, and if is does not follow that criteria it is invalid.

Under "Define Fields", look at the options for student id, and find out why that the id does not work. Make sure that you look in both files.

If I am being totally confusing, sorry, I try to relate things so that people can relate to them.

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This topic is 7446 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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