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Creating a transaction histroy database

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Here is the layout of my current Solution, I have an order form database and a transaction history database. Currently there is a relationship between the two based off of the invoice id. I created a portal in the order form database so it would display all credit card transactions for that one invoice. That works just fine. The next step I am taking to is so that way the user can create a transaction in order form under the transaction portal and then have it authorize the credit card. Authorization is performed by running a script in the Transaction database. I created a button in the portal in the order form databse to run the external authorization script in the transaction database. The only problem though is, I am having trouble specifying which record to authorize in the Transaction Database. For example, if there is three transactions under one invoice, and I create a new one using the portal, instead of authorizing the new one, it will rebill the second transaction. Is there a way to specify the record so that way it will perform the script on the correct record?

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Ok, tried the sort option... It still will authorize the first record... here is the scenario in a little bit clearer description:

In the orders file I have a portal with the following records:

A00001 Billed $25

A00002 Credited $6

A00003 Pending $2

So in the Transactions File I have those records with more information such as the customers name, address, credit card # and such. What I want to do is authorize the amount in record A00003 by clicking a button in the portal. Right now if I click authorize button now, even if record A00003 is highlighted, it will authorize A00001 or A00002... Hopefully that clears it up some.

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Yes, OK

Say Main.fp5 and Related.fp5

A portal in Main with records from Related

A relationship sorted descending on the Related Ids

In Main

Set Field[g_Record_ID:Related::Record_ID]


Where first part of External Script could be

SeField[g_ID, ::Main:g_Record_ID]


A little bit of a guess here though.

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This topic is 7577 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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