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SQL-FM char, limit conundrum

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FM db is currently importing data from SQL on web server via ODBC scripting. The SQL is fed from a web-based form.

On the SQL database I updated a field to accept 8000 characters, so that it can be fed by a text area on the web page. However, when the script imports it into a filemaker record, the FM database only captures the first 1500 or so characters. I checked the target field in Filemaker and confirmed that there is no character limit in the validation. Any clues I'm missing?

Is this a SQL issue or a Filemaker issue?

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I have had a similar problem with Filemaker. The problem was that the text that I wanted to enter into a field was much larger than 65536 characters. So Filemaker took the matter into it's own dirty hands and made 65536 character large chunks of text which it entered into the field, and when the field was full - it threw the text away and inserted the next chunk. So I always ended up with the last 8000 characters or so from the text I wanted to enter.

Before I had to go and buy some aspirin I realized what FMP wanted to do. Not a nice solution, but I hear that FMP 7 doesn't have this limit of just 65536 characters.

But this is perhaps of no help to you...

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This topic is 7267 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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