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automatically login with different password

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I'm trying to start/close the FM database at

specified time. I'd some ideas to do it, but

I run into some problems that need to be resoved before I can proceed further.

1) I can use window task schedule to start a

FM database with a default password

specifaied in the application preference,

but then all users will use the same

default password to access the database,

i.e. just like the database without a

password at all.

Is there a way to login FM with password to FM database provided in the command line i.e.

"C:PROGRAM FILESCLARIS CORPFILEMAKER PRO 4.0FILEMAKER PRO.EXE" "%1" or enter the password automatically from the keyboard or

a file ?

2) the script can be controlled to exit FM

automatically, but how can I select the

"Ask" button when there are still some

users using the shared database on line?

Does "Status(CurrentMessageChoice)" function

work in selecting "Ask" button ?

Thanx for anybody responding too this post..


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You first problem can be solved by using a "launcher" file. This is a FM database with no fields, no records, a password, a default set to try the default password, and one script set as the startup script that will open your database. You open this file and it will open your target file with a password. If users open the file directly, you can disable the "try default password" option in your file. You could also create a different launcher for the users and put a copy on their desktops.

The second problem is a little tougher. The "Ask" button is not a FM script function, so you can't use a script step to access it. The standard way of managing users is to host you file using FM Server version which has specific features for this purpose.


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This topic is 7869 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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