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Exporting to a Powerpoint presentation


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Hi all,

Has anyone successfully done this?

I have a database of properties to rent. My client would like these displayed on a screen in their shop window in a powerpoint presentation.

I would like to add a flag in the DB - "Show in presentation". I would then like to script it so that these records are exported into a powerpoint presentation.

I know it is easy to show them in kiosk mode and use the pause function to delay each record showing, but the client says that this is not enough and wants to use the animation facilities in powerpoint.

So what I would have is a powerpoint presentation template with preset animations and spaces for text and pictures, then Filemaker would fill in the gaps. Any ideas/suggestions please anyone?

They are running FM6 on W2K.

Many thanks


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Not Easy.

Years ago I developed somethin similar with AppleScript and Adobe Persuasion.

Unfortunately, Windows is no option and Persuasion is dead.

Here some altenate approaches:

- script a screen shot application, then import into PowerPoint

- set up a Quicktime template using SMIL - see also my example at XSLT_Library

- use a Mac and keynote (can import XML from FileMaker, see XSLT_Library)

- dig deep into VisualBasic/Windows Scripting Host & write some scripts.

- make a presentation template in Flash and fill it from FileMaker with XML export

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Hi Christian,

Thanks for your reply. The flash idea is interesting, I played about with flash a year or so ago, maybe I will update myself on this, will have to read up about XML though, haven't touched this yet and it really is something I must look at soon.

Thank for the pointers.


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This topic is 6562 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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