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FM Server in OS X doesn't open all files.

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I'm currently hosting 5 files using FM Sever for OS X. So far things are going fine with the exception that for some reason one of the files is not being served.

I looked at some of the possible reasons as to why one of the files is not being served such as

1. File permissions

2. The file is set to single user

3. The amount of files that FM Server can host.

and all of them are set properly and I have checked all of them numerous times.

The FM server automatically shuts down at a specified time to perform some maintenance backups and updates and when the FM Server automatically starts back up, one of the files is not being served. I thought that maybe this was causing the problem but I even manually start up the server using the FM Server Config app and this one single files never seems to get served.

I can't seem to figure out as to what is causing this. Any suggestions as to what else to look for would be appreciated.


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How do you shut down the FM server automatically? If you simply quit the FM Server Config, the files are still being served by the daemon fmservd that runs in the background. You must click on the "Stop Serving" button. I wonder if you are doing maintenance backups and updates on files still being served. This could cause all kinds of problems.

I used to do what you are doing but have changed to keep serving the files and have another machine perform the mightly maintenance from the served files.

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I have a shell script that is run using cron.

The following is a snippet of the Shuttdown...

StopService ()


ConsoleMessage "Stopping FileMaker Server"

sudo -u $FMS_USER "$FMS_PATH""fmserverd" pause

sudo -u $FMS_USER "$FMS_PATH""fmserverd" close

sudo -u $FMS_USER "$FMS_PATH""fmserverd" stop


On startup I perform checks to see if FileMaker Pro is running since the deamon can't statup with FileMaker Pro running.

None of the files have been corrupted and I'm still at odds as to why only one file is not being served.

I'd appreciate any advice,


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Great job on the stopping filemkaer server script. I have been trying to accomplish it with Filemaker's "help" for over a year without success! I cannot think of why your single file will not be served. Does the log give you any hint? Can you open and serve it from Filemaker Pro? Is this file being opened and altered during your maintainance scripts?

I would love to learn more about how you get fmserverd to close automatically. I, and some others I suspect, need to learn this for our power outtage stratagies. Not knowing a thing about UNIX I don't even know where to start. Do I create a UNIX script with the above text and then create an AppleScript to trigger with a trigger for the power supply warning that power has been lost?Platform: / Version:

FileMaker Version:

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This topic is 7473 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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