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An Easier Way Then How I Do It Now

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I have a database that full of phone calls. It has about 13,000 calls per month. Every month I run a script that


Copy phone number

enter find mode

paste phone number

perform find

export (to get the sub summary info of # of calls and length)

Perform script (external import of export info)

delete found records

show all


if (Status(current record count) =0)

perform next script

end loop

Now this takes about an hour and a half to perform, and ties up my machine.

Can anyone tell me an easier way to accomplish the same thing. there are no constants.


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Hi ...

Why are you performing an export in order to compile subsummary information? Can't you do that in the file in which the phone number records already reside?

Assemble desired Found Set (e.g., all calls for a given date or date-range)

Sort (by phone number)

Go To Layout (with a sub-summary part by phone number, and any count and duration summary fields you need)

Enter Preview mode

From your description, it sounds like this should do it.

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Maybe I'm missing it, but it sounds like. In preveiw mode, you want me to get the number, and type it in the filed in a corresponding field in another file?

Unless you know how to do a lookup, for a sub-summary value?

After 13,000 calls, I still have 2,200 different numbers with the values that I need.

Nothing can be relied on remaining the same. These are calls in to are internal ISP. Customers and Field personal. The field personal reamains some what constant, but the customer part changes daily, new and former customers daily.

I think this post is clear as mud, but I hope it helps. It is that time of the month again, and looking at the phone CD.


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Yes I agree, to get total number of calls per phone number. With a straight sub-summary I get:

Total Calls per Destination number

Total Cost of Calls

Here is the problem:

The length of call comes in a text form of MM:SS:MSMS . Now MM can be 1, 2, or 3 number, so it is not that easy to split off. Also, you have to add the secomnds divide by sixty and add that to the total min. I have Calc that rip that text string a part. First number, second number, and so on. So for total length it runs Calc fields, about 20 calc field. When you do a find you get the correct number. For instance to get the correct number of hours someone is on the phone, I use

Hours=Truncate( (Total total Min/60), 0)

Total total min = total minutes + Seconds to min round

Total minutes = Summary = (Total of Minutes) Seconds to Min ROund = Truncate( Total Second Convert to Min, 0)

Total Second Convert to Min=((Total Seconds) / 60)

Total Second equal Summary (Total of Seconds)

Actually I'll just attaach an empty file, can't have real data, confidential.

Inbound Copy Copy.zip

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This topic is 6550 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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