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Danny Hatt

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Well Hello Everyone, great to meet you..

Ok, well Ive been searching and lurking for a few days now, and am totally confused.. I did search, but , ahem... still don't get it.. Im sure their is plenty of info here, but cant find the answer..

Well here we go...I've got 2 databases...

the first one is telephone.fp5

the second one is invoice.fp5

Telephone database walks the office gal through a step by step script of how to answer the telephone, and print an estimate, hang up, etc. Sounds dumb, but this way everyone answers the phone the same way.

Three types of estimates are available.




If the customer wants a lawn estimate, the office person clicks lawns and a script is run. The script changes the field outstanding lawn estimate to YES, and automatically prints an estimate.

Easy Enough-Now I list all the outstanding estimates, and if the job is sold, i put in the sold price, change the field from outstanding to no, and im good to go.

Next-I created a dupe file invoice.fp5

I changed all the layouts and made invoicing the same way as described above.

Easy enough..

Next-I defined the relationships in telephone to match the fields in invoice.fp5.

All i want to do is send the record to invoice.fp5 once the estimate is complete.

Export doesnt seem to do it.. Relationships isnt really what i want, idont want automatic field tranfers. All i want is to make a button in telephone.fp5 to send that record to invoice.fp5, creating a new record in invoice.fp5 and thats it.

Any suggestions would be great.

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Hi Danny ...

Welcome to the Forum!

From a literal reading of your post, I'm puzzled why you even need the Invoices file.

Your "Telephone" file sounds like a sort of "Estimate" or "Work Order" type database. After the estimate is done and the Invoice record is created, will you maintain a LineItems file related to your Invoice file, where each LineItem record contains a specific product or service provided? For example, in a case where a customer wants lawn, trees AND stone, will you break these out into separate line items? If so, then an Invoice file with a related LineItems file makes sense. Otherwise, if the Invoice file is basically an exact duplication of the "Telephone" file, the Invoice file seems redundant. All you may need is a layout with the word "Invoice" at the top, which contains whatever fields you want printed on the invoice.

Could you describe a little more about what you plan to do with the Invoice record and how this is different than the Telephone record?

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This topic is 6741 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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