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Newbie Question - Defining Fields

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First off, I hope I'm posting in the right forum. I'm totally new at all this. Ok. I'm stuck trying to define a field. Here's my problem:

I'm providing a service with a cummulative 30-day warranty. If further service is necessary within, say, 14 days, I provide that service for free. However, if further service is necessary within a further 21 days after the 14 days, then I charge again for my service since the cummulative number of days has now exceeded 30; 35 days, in fact.

How do I define one or more fields so that the cummulative count is reset to start over again from when I again charged for the service? I have a Days of Service field defined to subtract Original Date from Current Date, but that just provides a total number of days. I need a way to restart my Days of Service count from the day I again charged for my service.

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What about using a calculated field, Case( charged = charged, Status(CurrentDate) ). Make it stored and use this field in place of Original Date. It will update only when the 'charged' field (whatever field you enter that signifies you charged again) updates.

Or make it even easier on yourself and script or hand-enter a separate date field that marks the last charged date.

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This topic is 6739 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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