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Scripting CheckBox Values


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I have a text field called "NAME" that is formatted to be a check box that uses the value list: "NAMES".

I would like to have a script that automatically selects (puts a checkmark next to )specific members of the list. For example: In the event that I want to assign a task to a Skill Level 1 woodworker, Billy Bob & Zorro would each get a check by their name. If I wanted to assign the task to a Skill Level 2 woodworker, then Skippy & Rex would get the check by their name.

Is there any "SET FIELD" type scripts that could select everybody in a specific list and put a check by their name?

Thanks for any help,


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Hi Jarvis,

There are 2 ways of going about this dependant on whether you would like to be able to manually amend the checkbox selection once they have been set or whether your database is going to be solely responsible for setting these values.

Method 1

This method will not allow you to amend the checkboxes manually.

You will have 2 fields

1) Skill Level (drop menu)

2) Name (checkbox)

Assign a value list to skill level:




Keep the value list you have for the Name field.

Change the Name field into a calculation field and specify this calculation:

Choose( Skill Level, "", "Billy Bob" & "

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Thank you for your suggestion.

I tried this script: SET FIELD["Name","billybob"&"zorro"]

The resulting value was the concatenation: billybob zorro.

What I was hoping to do was to set a check next to billybob and a check next to zorro.

I would like to ultimately be able to select billybob OR zorro from a range of values that includes billybob AND zorro.

Sorry if this was confusing,

and thank you for your forbearance.


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Ed & Vaughn,

Thanks a lot! This trick is really great!

If you have time, I'll bore you with the details.

Layout 1 is called WORK ORDER ENTRY.

When a customer calls up with a job request you fill out a work order.

After the description fields are filled in you select a skill level. This step activates the script you helped me with, ie, it puts a check next to all the possible candidates for the job.

Layout 2 is called WORK ORDER LIST

The cabinetmakers go to this screen to review a list of all of the outstanding work orders. They then click a button with their name on it.

This button activates a perform-find script which finds all the tasks they could be working on.

They then start a task. The start button activates a SET FIELD script which now unchecks everybody else so it doesn't get done by more than one person.

I know this is small stuff to you guys, but successes like this change my mood for the rest of the day!

Thanks again!


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This topic is 6545 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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