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Global Field Repititions - Image Size Question

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I am having a problem getting container field images to show up on my layout without a long delay.

I have a global field with 50 repetitions.

Each repetition holds a reference to a jpeg image.

The actual images are stored in another file within the same folder.

I have done this to keep the size of my database manageable.

The images are called with a calculation:

CASE datafield A= 2, get globalfield repetition 2, etc.

Does size of the original JPEG have any bearing on how fast they show up on my screen?

I am running a MacIntosh G4.

Is there a better file format for these digital images?

Thanks for any input,


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The size of the originals does indeed have something to do with how fast they get drawn. FileMaker isn't the best application as far as graphics-handling, and I'd recommend making a second copy of each image, resized (in Photoshop or whatever) to exactly what you want to show up on-screen, and thus taking the task of resizing away from FileMaker. Also, the smaller the file, the faster it will draw.

Your machine is easily fast enough to do all sorts of stuff - you're running into a limitation within FileMaker. Also, I think JPEGs are the best way to go with graphics in FileMaker, so you're okay there.

You may also want to consider using a single related image field, and basing the relationship on the data you are currently using in the calculation - that may be faster, too. I'm not sure if your use of repeating fields could slow things down, but it's a possibility.


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This topic is 6525 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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