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View referenced images on both platforms

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we have a filemaker database running on windows 2000 pro with filemaker 6 unlimited. we have 10 mac clients and, since last weekend, 3 windows clients (both running filemaker 5.5). on the server we host a database which has a container field which stores referenced images.

these referenced images are stored in a folder on a windows 2000 server, to which both the macs and pc's have access; the macs mount this folder as 'FOTOS', the pc's mount it as drive letter 'T'. i've set the volume label of the 'T' drive to 'FOTO'.

however, when i add images on the mac client the container field shows 'cannot display image 'imagename.jpg' on the windows clients. mac clients can see the image perfectly. the image is located in the root of 'FOTO' share on the mac and is also visible in the 'T' folder on the pc's. the same story goes when i add images on the pc; mac clients cannot see the image in the database.

i have the 'store compatible images' checkbox checked on both platforms for this database. i've tried adding images by reference to the container the common way ('insert picture', 'store only a reference to the file') and using troi file plugin functions, neither works for both platforms.

is there any way to solve this problem?

Version: v6.x

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on "Import folder" u can full the file path and then "Open URL [img_path]"

so the key is to treat "image insert" as "Import Folder"...

1st import you will do ALL images...

2nd u need to alter the script to "update and match records" so esentially you will "re-import" all images but only new (unrecorded images) will be added.


All the best!

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This topic is 6447 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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