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Funny relationship bug or I am going bonkers?


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I have come across something unexpected and am baffled. I thought you might help me find what is happening.

I attach two files: Quote_Costs.fp5 and Quote_Test.fp5.

Quote_Costs.fp5 in List view lists several records with the keyword in Cost_Type field. The keyword is either A or B.

Quote_Test.fp5 has two key fields Cost_A and Cost_B and shows corresponding related external Description fields in two portals.

Two local Description fields are also available with a Pop_up menu that is related to the Description values in Quote_Costs.fp5.

For left hand portal Cost_A = 'A' and the relationship displays corresponding values in its portal. The same values are also available in the pop-up menu.

For the right hand portal Cost_B = 'B' and its values are also displayed. You can change any of the values in the portal and the changes are available in the pop-up menu at the top BUT here is the trouble! The pop-up menu only displays values that start with a number or characters A or B.

Try changing the first character to C to Z and the values although changed in the Quote_Costs.fp5 are not available in the pop_up menu!

What is going on?

I wanted the following values in B Description:

Quote Preparation

Aerial Photo


But these don't appear in the pop-up menu. Is this a bug or I am going bonkers?

Version: v6.x

Platform: Windows 2000


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This topic is 6521 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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