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Should I invest in Developer?


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Well, you have several issues going on here. Let start with the easy one, to buy Developer or not?

In a nutshell Developer give you three sets of features: the license to sell/distribute Runtime versions of your solutions; the Developer Tool set (rename files, prevent modifications, add/remove/change extension, modify splash screen) and the Developer version of Filemaker Pro (script debugger, Database Design Report). Do you need any of that capability?

For myself (as a developer working for a single company), I do not need the license to distribute runtime, nor do I use the Database Design Report or Script Debugger, but I make HEAVY use of the Developer Tool to rename all the files in a solution. So I own both, but I do all my developing in a normal copy of Filemaker.

Now as far as the upgrade goes...I would start and redevelop from scratch. Filemaker 7 changes everything about the design and you'll find this to be the easiest and most productive way to do the upgrade. Then later this summer when Server 7 is available you'll be ready to roll out the new version of the databases.

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Thank you, Kurt.

It's getting clearer now. I still does not find this easy to decide, but it's getting clearer. I - like you - have until now worked on systems for one firm (at the time) and therefore don not need make Runtime apps. The script debugger sounds like a time- and agony saver, and I would like that, but that haven't made me spend the money yet.

I wasn't aware it could rename files! This I really need. Then I could rename a file (database) integrated in a solution without losing the relations/links ?? Then I could really tidy up in old solutions.

And all you fix and generate with the Developer, will work on the users standard clients, right?

But I agree - starting over is best. Now - when FM7 is released - I'm almost done developing this upgrade they could not wait for, but I already told my boss that if you want to migrate to FM7 - we HAVE to start from scratch.

Still have to import 160.000 records though... Spread out through the system... Maybe this is not as scary as it sounds when you have done it some times... I have just started testing that.


Version: v6.x

Platform: Mac OS X Panther

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Developer is a good investment.

Developer is a full copy of FileMaker 7 with extra's built in. So, you get all the functionality of FileMaker and the ability to lock it down or even make stand-alone applications. With the custom functions in Developer 7, there is even more reason to buy it. Best part about owning Developer...you have much more options at your disposal.

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This topic is 6510 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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