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Log in via CDML web publishing?


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I've been developing FM db's on and off for the last ten years - the last two years a lot. So I've done my share of sophisticated scripting, relations etc. I feel like I know a lot about FM, but here's my problem:

I am developing a solution for an image-agent company (cumstomers are supposed to search and buy images on his website).

Searching, sorting, ordering, log-in etc. is supposed to be performed by the FM (5.0 on MacOS9) via CDML. Links to downloads of the images/files bought on the website (placed on another server with a different ip) are delivered by the DB - including a Javascriptet cookie read by PHP on the download-server. This is because the files take up >20GB in all, and I don't want to slow my FM solution down or limit the bandwith for the FM server with several 10-20 MB download sessions each hour. So far so good... smirk.gif

The cumtomers will be provided with an account, in which they will be able to review, say, the last 10 ordered items (with links to the downloadserver) for 7 days. This requires some sort of log-in feature. I don't want to use FM's build in access priv. because I need to have both a username and a password (hopefully 100's of users).

How do I do this, without leaving the usernames/passwords exposed for everybody, who knows how to "sniff" informations from a FM db? I've read some threads about creating two fields - one with username - one with the password. Perform a search based on user-input - if the record exist, set a cookie with JS and log them in. But what is keeping other FM-geeks from writing three lines of html to sniff out all the records of that db? I know, I could, anyway... grin.gif

I have some other ideas on how to solve this problem, but I would like to hear your input before writting half a book here.



Version: v5.x

Platform: Mac OS 9

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This topic is 6505 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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