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Is there a way to create calendars like this


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Hi, yes it's possible using a database with date-to-range calculations and another to store each event.

Creating the calendar display in your "Day View" is not too hard.

for example, this cdml code


gets you this


(the bars show bookings in this example)

and I've used something similar for holiday booking:



This is fairly complicated and I dunno if you would want to go down the same route bearing in mind that none of it will work in FMP7. It might be better to make or buy a ready-made PHP solution.

regards. jeff

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That looks like what I am trying to accomplish. It looks like I am working along the same track - I do have a calendar db and an appointment db. Calendar DB just contains the dates & times and the appointment db contains the details of each appointment. I have a couple of stumbling blocks - multiple people with the same time (I thought of having a 3rd db for times or with repeating fields but I am sure there is a more efficient way of doing this).

Would you be willing to share the code & db files so that I could adapt it?

I probably will not be migrating this to FM7 although I am trying to learn PHP for future work.

Many thanks -


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Hi, sorry to be so long replying - it's been a hectic week here!

A long time ago, I posted the code for "web calendar displays" into the samples area, but that was very much a work in progress and had some really rough bits - like a bug when a booking went over the end of a year.

I'll try to bundle up the holiday booking stuff and post it here, but it'll probably take me a day or two.

It might give you a starting point, but I still think you will need to put a lot of work in!

regards, jeff

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This topic is 6504 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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