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Dynamic Value Lists - How many ways !

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I had this "project" burried in my hardrive, and spent some time today on this.

Anyone willing to try to break it ?

Just attach your own related value list to it, change it to list or whatever you want.

It is based on repeating fields iterations, with no script involved, and would allow, as the settings are to make up to 150 selections from a value list of how many choices you want.

I've tried with a value list up to a thousand choices (even if it doesn't make any sense for this checkboxes presentation), and it appears to be working so far.

If you need more, just change the repeating fields and calcs settings, and increase the iterations up to what you need.

Thanks for the try.

Oh, forgot to mention. Wouldn't work with 7 (at the moment) !

FileMaker Version: 6

Platform: Mac OS 9


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Hi again,

Just an add-on.

While there are multiple ways of having these dynamic value list at work, and I my own use one derived from Ray's cool examples, the specifics of this technique is that :

- there's no script involve

- there is no abuse of nested Substitute ( ).

It's more a Relationship trick, where I tried to play around the indexing, with GetField( ), lookups and repeating fields.

You can check/uncheck a value in this particular example. The value unchecked will come back at the end of the available list, and even though it doesn't appear alphabetically sorted in the Multiline value field, it would be as soon as you'd use the NotusedCountries (as for the example) in a standard value list.

In Layout Mode, drag and drop the gSelectedCountries field, and attach the NotUsedCountries value list to this field. Now, it will probably make more sense.

Again, checkboxes wasn't the best settings for this demo, as you constantly need to exit the field between 2 selections, while this behaviour will disappear with value list or drop down list.

Enjoy and Thanks

FileMaker Version: 6

Platform: Mac OS 9

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