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CDML and show portalrecords


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Gary: why would I want to do that for? I have the impression you do not understand my question. So I will try to explain:

I am not talking about portals in a FileMaker-database. I am talking about showing a portal from a FMP-database on a HTML-page.

If my portal has 200+ records, I DO NOT want to show ALL 200+ portalrecords on the HTML-page. I want to show about 10 portalrows. Preferable with the posibilty to show a button to go forward and show the next 10 portalrows.

So: is there a way to tell the maximum-to-show portalrows on a HTML-page using CDML?

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OK, I did have a problem once where all the rows of my Portal would not show on my web-page. I thought I resolved it by enabling "Scroll Bars" on the Layout. However, I have just done a test (FM6) and it shows all of the rows regardless of the state of the "Scroll Bars".

Now your prolem of "Paging". I can think of a few ways of doing it:

1. Use [FMP-InlineAction] rather than a [FMP-Portal]

2. Use a fixed-size scrollable DIV to "hold" the Portal

3. Use a Javascript Array to store the Portal rows. It can then be used with a DIV for "Paging".

Good Luck.


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Okidokie, so I have explored some of my options (a very friendly person on a Dutch-language FileMaker-forum did me some example-code) : the DIV and the Inline, en I've come to the conclusion that the inline is the best way to go.

So after some hours of grunting and sighing I think I understand [FMP-IlineAction] a bit. You can do a -max in a inline, and a -skip: that's nice!

But [FMP-linkprevious] and [FMP-linknext] do not work inside the inline. So now I'm looking for some example-code to explore how to show the next and previous records inside the inline ... :-(

Something to do with this other mysterious thing called tokens?

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This topic is 6689 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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