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Pulling information from other tables

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I'm new to FileMaker, and I'm trying to create a database to manage my college's student activity group fund. So far I have two tables, one with the student group names, account #'s, opening balance and names of the three students (signers, they're called) that run the group. In another table I keep track of the signers' names, addresses, extensions and email addresses. I get stuck at two points:

First, I want the database to automatically pull the signers' address, phone # and email from the directory table, while validating the name from the names in the directory. Validating works, and using this formula in the calculation field for the first signer's po box number successfuly pulls the number (telephone and email for this first signer works):

If ((Signer 1 Name = FiCom People::Name) ; GetAsText (FiCom People::Box Number))

However, this doesn't work for signer's 2 and 3 keeping everything the same except for the first field name (ie, changing Signer 1 Name to Signer 2 Name). Am I forgetting to do something? Why would it work for the first one, and not 2 and 3?

Second, in my directory I'd like to be able to list all the groups that a given person signs for. Because each group has three signers this means that I need to search through three different fields for the respective student's name, and then return all matches in a list. With the calculation below FM only searches the first signer field, and even then only returns one group name (some students sign for more than one group)B)

If ( (FiCom Groups::Signer 1 Name = Name) or (FiCom Groups::Signer 2 Name = Name) or (FiCom Groups::Signer 3 Name = Name) ; GetAsText (FiCom Groups::Group Name ) )

I realize this may not be all that clear -- as I said this is my first time working seriously with FileMaker, and chances are pretty high that I don't quite know the correct terminology. If it is of any use, a copy of my database can be downloaded from http://homepage.mac.com/mkh/Untitled.fp7.

Thanks in advance,


FileMaker Version: 7

Platform: Mac OS X Panther

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This topic is 6497 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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