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Pop-up windows

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I want to show a layout in a file in a pop-up window.

I have file 1 and file 2 and start with both files open, but file 2 window is hidden. On a layout in file 1, I click on a button, and I want it to show file 2 window on top of file 1 window. Currently, file 2 window opens, but it appears behind file 1. How do I get it to appear on top?

Secondly, how can I get the layout in the file 2 window to appear at a set size every time. Currently, the size varies depending on what I last had that file open as. I want this layout to only appear at a certain size.


FileMaker Version: 5

Platform: Mac OS 9

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Previous to FileMaker 7, any file's window opened in the location (and at the size) where it was when it was last closed (or, in the case of a served file, when it was last modified by the administrator). So you're out of luck on that point.

However, to get file 2 to appear in the front, you've just got to add Refresh Window [bring to Front] to your button's script, and file 2's window will come to the front...


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Hello niccig,

You can achieve both your objectives by creating a script in the second file, with the steps:

Toggle Window [Zoom]

Refresh Window [bring to Front]

...then creating a script in File1 which calls the script in File 2 (as an external sub-script), and attaching that script to your button in File 1.

That will ensure that the window of File 2 is the same size each time and that it comes to the front. To make sure that the size is appropriate, you may have to position the lowest and rightmost object on the layout where you want the bottom right corner of the window (assuming the layout is a form layout rather than a list or table layout...).

If you want the window to appear in the same place each time (as well as at the same size), you will need an additional step which invokes a line of AppleScript to place the window. wink.gif

FileMaker Version: Dev 7

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This topic is 6498 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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