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FM 7 server client server or file server?


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Hello everyone,

I am a little confused about the client server aspect of fm7. Is it a client server database or a fileserver with some additional plugins. I am less interested in having people from the internet access my system, than the internal network. I understand that all internet connections will be client server... what about regular network connections?

My confusion stems from statements about plug in that will perform on the server rather than the client... what about normal queries and sorts? Or do you have to buy additional specific, expensive plug ins to take advantage of the client server aspect.

Thanks in advance for your help.


FileMaker Version: Server 7

Platform: Windows 2000

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From what I read, it sounds like it is more of a client server database. In one article, it said that Filemaker Server 7 "Performs searches and calculations on teh server instead of the client". That is from ???http://filemaker.com/products/fms_overview.html

It also says that you will be able to access the data directly on the server via ODBC. Which is very cool! It is about time. This will make Crystal Reports work a lot better against a FMP db than it currently does.

That's my take on this,


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Its my understanding the server plug-ins are not something "else" to buy, new plugins written for FM7 are allowed to *also* work on server if they can (ie, they have no graphics), and you install the same plug-in on both the client and the server.

With this setup, calculations can be performed on the server when that would be efficient:

- a find on an unstored calculation field that uses a plug-in

- a record-level permission calculation that uses a plug-in

I would agree with laker_42, that the new architecture appears more server-centric than before.

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This topic is 6479 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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