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Startup Script for 5.5


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Hi. all. I am trying to put together a startup applescript that launches files in Server 5.5. Here i s what I have so far.

(* This script will launch Filemaker

Server and load the key database files. *)

tell application "Finder"


select file "Server 5.5"

open selection

end tell

tell application "FileMaker Server"


open "Server HD:Desktop:Key Databases:Calendar.fp5"

open "Server HD:Desktop:Key Databases:combinations"

open "Server HD:Desktop:Key Databases:klc_staff"

open "Server HD:Desktop:Key Databases:locker_db"

open "Server HD:Desktop:Key Databases:Mentor"

open "Server HD:Desktop:Key Databases:mentor_contacts"

open "Server HD:Desktop:Key Databases:midterm.fp5"

open "Server HD:Desktop:Key Databases:nav.fp5"

open "Server HD:Desktop:Key Databases:print.fp5"

open "Server HD:Desktop:Key Databases:prinths.fp5"

open "Server HD:Desktop:Key Databases:service.fp5"

open "Server HD:Desktop:Key Databases:stinfo.fp5"

open "Server HD:Desktop:Key Databases:teach_goals"

open "Server HD:Desktop:Key Databases:term setup"

open "Server HD:Desktop:Key Databases:transcriptbeta.fp5"

end tell

It gets to the first file and reports that it cannot open it because it is not a Filemaker database. I can assure you it is. Are my file paths correct? The folder of databases resides on the desktop. Any ideas on this? Thank you in advance for your help.


FileMaker Version: Server 5

Platform: Mac OS 9

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Why not just let Server do the job for itself? If the files are in the FileMaker Server folder, they'll be opened automatically when Server launches...


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This topic is 6691 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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