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Newbie with relationships (or scripting?) problem

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Hi there-

Although I've used FM for several years, I've never progressed beyond the pre-scripting (and other bad*** stuff) level. I've tried searching for the resolution to my problem, but part of my problem is I'm not sure what the term is for what I want to do. I'm not sure if this is a relationship issue or something that can/has to be done via scripting.

In a nutshell, I'm looking to have certain fields (containing a static menu list of options) "auto-input" based on the manual selection of another field (also containing a static menu list of options). So basically:

Menu A:



Menu B:



Menu C:



So basically what I want to happen that if I selected something from Menu B ("Bar" or "Fubar"), Menu A auto-selects "Foo"; similarly, selecting "Ipsum" from Menu C will automatically set Menu A to "Lorem".

I know this sounds like a pretty silly thing; I'm willing to admit that maybe I didn't design this database as well as I could have (in which case, I'd be happy to give a better idea of what it needs to do in the attempt to do a more effecient design). I'm looking to ease/speed the data entry phase; the different menu selections are there for different reports that are run on the data (and reports that haven't been even thought of could work off the existing data).

I skimmed over the manual on the relationship chapter, but from what I can tell, that's more for "mirroring" existing data, not enabling a more intelligent & faster data entry method.

Any help would be VERY MUCH appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


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How about when defining your fields, create an Auto-Enter for MenuA based upon contents of MenuB or MenuC. You could do a simple: case ( MenuB = "Bar" or MenuB = "Fubar", "Foo", MenuC = "lpsum", "Lorem") in your example.

This of is a very simplistic example. If you needed to change the autoenter options for MenuA, it would require redefining MenuA. If you will have many other options, or if the options change, you would want to make this happen with a lookup table.

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