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transitive (chained) relations


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Forgive my ignorance, I know this must be a basic question -- I've mucked around the relationship forum and haven't found an answer.

1. I'm making a bilingual dictionary database (English and Ojibwe, an Amerindian language)

2. Each word can have one or more senses. I accomplish this with two tables, a word table and a sense table -- the sense table shares an identifier field with the word table.

3. Each sense can have multiple keywords associated with it. For example, the Ojibwe word minogaade means 's/he has cute legs' -- key words associated with the sense 's/he has cute legs' might be 'cute' and 'leg.' A sense can have any number of key words. I accomplish this with a keyword table that shares an id with the sense.

So we can get from say a word (minogaade) to a sense 's/he has cute legs' to key words 'cute' 'legs'. But to display everything properly _word by word_, what do I do? I can make a portal to hold the senses -- then do I make another portal to hold the key words? Ideally, the key word portal would be _inside_ the senses portal -- I can't seem to do this. Can anyone clue me about what I'm doing wrong? The issues would seem to be relevant to any _chained_ relationships, which must be quite common. Thanks.

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Portals cannot be nested. You must look for another solution. I would suggest have mutiple portals on the same layout. The first portal show the available words. Clicking on one would select the word by setting a global that is the wordID. Then next portal could list all the senses for that word as defined by the wordID

Good luck.

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This topic is 7159 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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