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FIND CRITERIA> Can this be equal to a field value?

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I am trying to build a solution that requires minimal typing.

I would like this thing to ultimately be touch screen or mouse driven.

I would like to minimize the times we have to access a keyboard.

I have a table that assigns tasks to workers.

The worker is selected from the VALUE LIST: Workers.

The VALUE LIST:Workers uses values from the field WORKER NAME.

As I add a new employee to the company, their data is entered into a record and their name automatically becomes available to assign a task to.

This part so far is quite easy. What I am stumped on is performing a find.

I would like to (more or less) perform a find with the following sequences:

1) Click in a field and select a worker name from the drop down value list:

2) Upon exiting the field, trigger a script that finds all tasks assigned to that worker.

I understand that the exit script trigger will require a plug-in.

What I am hoping to do is have the CRITERIA for the Perform Find Script be automatically entered into the Perform Find request without any more data entry from me.

I want to select the worker name from the value list and have the appropriate assigned tasks listed out.

Assuming I explained myself properly, can anybody help me here?



PS: About ten seconds from now I will probably conclude this has something to do with related records.

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Your ten seconds are UP! What you're talking about can be done best with related records in a portal. At its most simplest:

Set up your two tables. One with employees, one with tasks. In each table have an EmployeeName field, and use that to join the tables in a relationship. Also, set the relationship to "Allow creation of records in this table via this relationship."

Then set-up your layout based on the employees table, with a portal showing records from the tasks relationship, and with a pop-up menu above it to select the proper employee. Each time you choose a different employee with the pop-up, the records in the portal will change to show just that employee's tasks. And you can create new tasks by typing them directly into the portal.

(If you're constantly assigning similar tasks, you can use pop-ups in the portal to minimize typing.)

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Additionally, if you have more than one employee assigned to a task, simply enter the employee's names in the Task table's EmployeeName key field and separate they names by a paragraph return. A check boxk fomratted field in the Task table will accomplish this as well.

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Thanks guys!

I will print this out and give it a whirl later today.

That check box thing is pretty cool.

One of my earlier forays into this effort had task assignment with check lists.

When the guys went to the task (on a columnar type format) they activate a drop down list which then de-selected the check boxes on the originating layout.

If I could just figure out how to remember all these tips......


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This topic is 7155 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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